Shradhanjali works for the Overall Development, Wellbeing and Rehabilitation of Differently-abled people and attempts to create a soothing and helping environment to make these vulnerable people independent and productive members of the society. The organization believes it imperative to raise awareness on issues relating to their vulnerability and to create a Healthy Social Attitude, where these groups of people can enjoy their rights  by meeting and overcoming the challenges .

We trust, the successful Inclusion of Differently-abled people into the fold of the society would be possible through a barrier free and caring environment and with physical rehabilitation schemes such as Early Detection and Intervention, Counseling and Medical Rehabilitations, Increasing accessibility through supply of Aids and Assistive Devices, Educational Empowerment, Economic Empowerment through Skill Development, Value Addition, Financial Assistance, Social Empowerment, Advocacy and Awareness .

Furthermore, Shradhanjali aims to implement programmes by regularly meeting and finding the wellbeing of the Pensioners, Senior Citizens, Transgender, Beggars, Destitute and Victims of Substance Abuse as a part of its Social Responsibilities.


Various activities are undertaken in accordance with the Disabilities Act, 1995 (Equal Opportunities Protection of Rights and Full Participation).

Community Outreach and Counseling Programmes have helped many individuals to change the course of their life through Early Detection and Early intervention to minimize the impact of disability.

Facilitated Community Outreach Camps to Detect and Issue Disability Certificates from the competent authorities in order to enable PWDs to avail the benefits of all Welfare Schemes, as per the Government declaratives.

Assisted to get Aids and Assistive Devices, conducted Skill Development Counseling and guided the targeted people to get benefits from Financial Assistance and helped to make PWDs Self-dependent and Self-reliable.