Inclusive governance is one of the core mandate of Shradhanjali, which seeks to empower poor, women, ethnic groups, minorities, indigenous peoples and other disadvantaged groups to know and act on their rights and represent their interests, to take up their issues with government officials, traditional leaders and the representatives of the private sectors etc. We aim and work to be more responsive to the women, poor and marginalized and promote open discussions, leading to participatory planning and implementation of policies.

Our scheduled and tailor-made programs helps to assist to make available the benefits of governance institutions and make surveys so as the policies are accessible, accountable and responsive to disadvantaged groups, protecting their interests and providing diverse populations with equal opportunities for public services such as justice, health and education.


Arranged Community Welfare and Empowerment Programmes

Involved people in power, such as Government Officials, Traditional Leaders, Social Ombudsmen and other Key Stake Holders.

Media activities to advocate the Inclusive Governance.

Encouraged poor marginalized and underprivileged to take part in various programmes and activities of the Government.