Youth Welfare Programmes



  • Enhancing the capacities of youth to enable them to take charge of their own Well-being and realize their potential to the fullest.
  • Promoting a culture of Active Citizenship among Youth and help them to become responsible adults to care for their families and the society.
  • Ensuring the Physical, Cognitive, Emotional and Social Development of the growing Adolescents in the family, school, and community and nurture their talents in various areas like Art, Literature, Music, Sports and Games etc.
  • Enhancing the Skills of the Youths and expand opportunities such as Economic, Social, Life Skills, Behavioral Skills etc. in the context of a changing and globalizing society.
  • Ensuring Gender Justice and eliminating all forms of discrimination and violence against Women.
  • Ensuring access to Quality Education, Health Care, Employment and other basic entitlements.
  • Encouraging Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Volunteering, Civic Engagement and active citizenship among Youth.
  • Expanding the scope of youth participation and engagement in Economic, Political, Social and Cultural spheres.