Shradhanjali aims to address the root causes of Gender Inequality and reshape unequal power equations to achieve gender equality and attempts to empower women and girls to accelerate sustainable development. Our genders transformative approach attempts to promote gender equality are as follows:

Fostering of critical examination of inequalities and gender roles, norms and dynamics.
Recognizing and strengthening positive norms that support equality by providing a positive environment.
Raising self-confidence among women and highlighting the enforcement of constitutional and legal provisions that safeguard rights of women.
Raising awareness to eliminate discrimination, and violence against women and girl child.
Building and strengthening partnership with civil society, to building a positive image of women in the society.
Recognizing womens’ contributions in social, economic and political sphere of the society and ensuring women’s participation in all walks of life.

Major Achievements - 1


Participants were sensitized on the Gender issues. Females were encouraged to be educated and to become Smart Members of the society.

Encouraged Females to take decisions of their own and capacity building sessions were held in areas like access to food, equal wages, property rights, family resources, freedom of movement and travel, access to credit facilities, control over savings, earnings and resources, guardianship and custody of children and their maintenance.

Attempts were made to encourage women to take part in various Social Development Projects

Information and knowledge on Skill Development were provided to the women to enhance and uplift their economic position in the Society.