Education, Youth Services and Sports Programmes

Education, Youth Services and Sports Programmes


(a) To establish, open, set up, promote, run, maintain, assist, support, manage and administer etc. in setting up for maintaining and running Nursery & Kinder Garden Schools, Lower Primary Schools, Primary Schools, High Schools, Colleges, Higher Secondary and Degree Colleges, Adult Education Centres Social Education Centres, Vocational, Engineering schools, and colleges, Medical Colleges, Pharmacy course schools/colleges, Nursing schools / colleges , vocational institutes, ITI schools/colleges, computer programming, non-formal anganwadi, polytechnics, law colleges, music college, art college, environmental college, physical education colleges, early childhood schools sports school, Ashram schools and such other schools/colleges and educational institutions as per government rules and to implement and organize other various programmes relating to the education .

(b) To organize rural sports, athletic tournaments etc., and to promote youth welfare by implementing various programmes with the support and help from different departments and funding agencies.

(c) To work on educational planning and administration, to establish public libraries, operate mobile libraries and operate and implement such other activities and programmes for the public .

(d) To publish Journals, Magazines, Periodicals, Newspapers, Research Papers and articles and all such types of publications.